Milk or Meat

I fed you with milk, not solid food; for you were not ready for it;
and even yet you are not ready." 1 Cor 3:2
Milk or Meat
Martha Meister Kiely

In referring to masterpieces, my art teacher use to say: "You don't judge the painting; the painting judges you. When you look with disdain on a great work of art, you are revealing your ignorance."

In the same way we do not judge Scripture; Scripture judges us. How much we reveal of ourselves when we quote our favorite verse! Some persons' taste never develop for the meater the portions of Scripture, so they lack the strength to live up to the simplest teachings. Paul said that some were babies in Christ, and so he fed them milk. Later he was disappointed to find that they had not yet grown into spiritual adults.

When we shy away from certain portions of Christ's teachings which do not appeal to us, we are being like finicky children who turn away from new food because they imagine that they will not like it.

Today why not sink you teeth into meatier parts of the Bible?

Devotions for Women at Home, Martha Meister Kiely, Abington Press, ISBN #0-687-10679-6

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