At the Foot of the Cross

"This one event of the cross of Christ is a final revelation both of the character and consequence of human sin and the wonder and sacrifice of DIVINE LOVE." Adam M. Stibbs

"God gave the cross, and the cross gives us God." Madame Jeanne Marie Guyon

"The cross has revealed to good men that their goodness hasn't been good enough." Johann H. Schroeder

"The cross possesses such power and strength that, whether they like it or not, it attracts and draws and carries away those who bear it." Henrich Suso

Music Video from: princessalica who writes: This video was made as a backup video for an Easter service at Church. Song by Ray Boltz and Lawrence Chewning . Video clips are from the beautiful motion picture the Passion of the Christ, produced & directed by Mel Gibson

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