Turn On the Heat


Turn On The Heat
Martha Meister Kiely
"Because you are lukewarm, and neighter cold or hot, I will spew you out of my mouth." Revelation 3:15

At the time these words were recorded, people weren't so inhibited and sophisticated as we are today. We would be "to polite" to spit our a drink because it was lukewarm. Modern etiquette instructs us to smile and bravely "gulp it down." According to the writer of Revelation it was the spirit of God who issued this warning, and God "changeth not" neither is bound by Emily Post.

If lukewarm Christians were nauseating to God in the first century, they must be so now. Individuals living in our age have the witness of a church on every corner, the accumulated testimony of countless lives dedicated to God, the perspective of two thousand years to detect God's hand in history the Bible in native languate, and a storehouse of excellent books and periodicals through which to seek answers. We are without excuse if we have failed to make up our mind about Jesus Christ.

Some are left cold by this accumulated testimony of the ages. Some are set ablaze with power and enthusiasm. But God displayed his greatest displeasure for those who, having drawn close to the fire of his spirit, couldn't work up any steam. These "wishy-washy" Christians were of no earthly good to God, but a source of ridicule and comfort to the opposition.

Today work up some steam for the cause of Christ.

Read: Revelation 3: 15-22

Pray: Forgive me, Lord, that I am often cool to thy presence and refuse to warm up to thy plans. May your Spirit so stir my soul that I may be aflame with righteousness, holiness and enthusiasm. Amen

Devotions for Women at Home by Martha Meister Kiely, Abingdon Press, ISBN #0-687-10679-6

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