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Sweet milk turns sour from being too warm too long.

Sweet dispositions turn sour for the same reasons. Let aggravation stew without a period of cooling down, and the result? A bad, bitter, clabberish attitude.

It's the story of Martha. A dear soul given to hospitality and organization. More frugal than frivolous, more practical than pensive. Ask her to choose between a book and broom, and she'll take the broom.

Mary, however will take the book. Mary is Martha's sister. Same parents, different priorities. Martha has things to do. Mary has thoughts to think.

Apparently Martha is worried too much, too. So much so that she started bossing God around. Worry will do that to you. It makes you forget who's in charge.

What makes this case interesting, however, is that Martha is worried about something good. She's having Jesus over for dinner. She's literally serving god. Her aim was to please Jesus. But, as she began to work for him her work became more important than her Lord. What began as a way to serve Jesus slowly and subtly became a way to serve self.

One look at the flour-covered scowl will tell you that. "That Mary. Here I am alone in the kitchen while she's out there."

Oh boy. She's miffed. Look at her glaring over her shoulder through the doorway. That's Mary she's staring at. The one seated on the floor listening to Jesus. "Lord, don't you care that my sister has left me alone to do all the work? Tell her to help me" (Luke 10:40).

It's easy to forget who is the servant and who is to be served.

Satan knows that. This tool of distortion is one of Satan's slyest. Note: He didn't take Martha out of the kitchen; he took away her purpose in the kitchen. He won't take away from your ministry; he'll disillusion you in your ministry.

Guard your attitude.

What matters more than the type of service is the heart behind the service. A bad attitude spoils the gift we leave on the altar for God.

God has gifted you with talents. He has done the same to your neighbor. If you concern yourself with your neighbor's talent, you will neglect yours. But is you concern yourself with yours, you could inspire both.

READ LUKE 10:38-42

* What kind of attitudes could be associated with sour milk?

* Describe someone you know who became disillusion with ministry?

* How can we keep Satan from robbing us of our joy in our service to God?

* In what ways are our attitudes as evident as the clothes on our bodies?

* What makes it so difficult to change a wrong attitude?

* If you had been in Martha's shoes, how do you think you would have felt about doing all the work while Mary chatted with Jesus?

* How do you imagine Jesus' words changed Martha's attitude?

* If positive attitudes get us farther in life, why do we give in to negativity?

* What wrong attitudes do you need God's help to change?

The Devotional Bible - Experiencing the Heart of Jesus; Max Lucado General Editor; New Century Version, Thomas Nelson Bibles

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