20 Things To Treasure In Autumn

"Happiness depends on what happens; joy does not."
Oswald Chambers

20 Things To Treasure In Autumn
Melissa over at The Inspired Room recently listed her top 20 things to treasure in Autumn. I thought it was such a wonderful idea that I would add my own list to her post. So here it is...

1. Acorns, pine cones and the brilliant colors of fall leaves, especially the Maple trees

2. The sound of geese flying overhead as they are headed south for the winter

3. Planting daffodils for next spring and praying that the squirrels don't dig them up.

4. Carving pumpkins and decorating my front porch

5. Eating turkey & dressing more than once

6. Watching the kids playing in the leaves after school

7. Chocolate bread pudding

8. Sleeping on warm Flannel Sheets
9. Trick-or-Treaters

10. Making Soups and trying new recipes!
11. Scarecrows, hayrides and dried flower arrangements

12. Reading a good book while wrapped in my favorite comforter

13. Enjoying the happy faces of pansies planted near my front door
14. Candy Apples, Funnel Cakes & Hot Air Balloons
15. Planning Thanksgiving meals for my family
16. Weekend dinners with Family and Friends

17. Gold Rush Days Craft Fair
18. Warm fuzzy socks, sweats and flannel shirts
19. The smell of wood burning in someones fireplace

20. Going to the Library on cool crisp Saturday mornings

What Are Your Favorite 20 Things That You LOVE About Fall?

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