God's Heart - Misty Edwards

"God is not deceived by externals." Clive Staples (C.S.) Lewis

"Even though they (people in the last days) will make a show of being religious, their religion won't be real. Don't have anything to do with such people." 2 Timothy 3:5

"Little children keep yourselves from idols." 1 John 5:21

"Thus does the world forget You, its Creator, and falls in love with what You have created instead of You." Saint Augstine of Hippo

"Idolatry is not only the adoration of images...but also trust in one's own righteousness, works, and merits, and putting confidences in riches and power." Martin Luther

God's Heart by Misty Edwards
Music video from kcrn31pan1c, age 21 (IHOP)

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