The Voice of the Savior

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Voice of a Saviour from Mandisa's "True Beauty"

"I believe so many people will resonate with Voice of a Saviour because we have all turned to different things to fill that void in our soul", Mandisa explains. "This song talks about how we all really want the same thing; to hear that voice that says I love you."

Her faith plays a major role in her life, a role that was evident to Mandisa's fellow Idol contestants, the judges and viewers. And even though it didn't always come with positive results, Mandisa never shied away from being true to herself.

"My faith certainly went through some tests of fire", she shares, "but it's stronger because of that and it's also made me want to know more about it and how to articulate it. I think I came out of that whole experience understanding Jesus better. I'd been a little sheltered in Christian circles for a while and it helped me realize the kind of impact that Christians can make when they actually step out of their boxes and get involved in the world around them. More than just a career, I really want to have a ministry that has an impact on people. I just want to follow through with what is in my heart."


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