Iceberg Dead Ahead! The Titantic Revisted

Iceberg Dead Ahead! The Titantic Revisted
By Bill Cloud
Shoreshim Ministries

"Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall." ‑ Proverbs 16:18

Since I first heard the story of the R.M.S. Titanic, I have been fascinated with the tale of the “unsinkable ship” that sunk. I have read countless books and watched almost every television program devoted to the fabled vessel. My interest took a significant if somewhat different turn when, in spring 1994, I re-read Walter Lord’s classic account of the ill-fated voyage, A Night To Remember. Though I had read the book several times, it was during this reading that I began to notice some interesting details I had never paid much attention to – details that seemed to have a prophetic twist to them. I jotted these points down thinking they might come in handy one day, perhaps for an article.

In December 1997, the blockbuster film, Titanic, was released to throngs of movie-goers and spent multiple weeks as the number one film in America. The 3 ½ hour epic depicted in vivid detail that unforgettable night in April 1912, and eventually went on to become the top box office hit of all time. The movie also rekindled global interest in the once-great ship that, sadly, lay rusting away at the bottom of the Atlantic. Not long after the film’s release, I finally wrote that article - Iceberg Dead Ahead: A Titanic Message from God - first published by God’s News Behind the News.

Though partly inspired by the success of the film, the main reason for the article was to share some of those peculiar details I had stumbled upon almost four years earlier and to see whether or not God was speaking to this generation through Titanic’s story and, yes, even the movie version. I was convinced then that He was, and I remain convinced that He is speaking through this fascinating story even today. That became clearer to me recently while I was watching yet another documentary of a recent Titanic expedition. For that reason, I decided to revisit this story and see if the updates Titanic explorers have provided in recent years have anything prophetic to say to us ten years after I first wrote of the sinking’s futuristic implications...

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