Noah's Daughter-In-Law's

Noah's Daughter-In-Law's
sThis last Sabbath we reread the account of Noah. One of the things I thought about was Noah's daughter-in-law's. The only people who entered the ark was Noah his wife, his three sons and their three wives. As I thought about the three wives I realized they would have left their families their parents brothers and sisters behind. They must have believed Noah enough to enter into the ark with their husbands. Noah was being mocked by all the people around them the whole time he was making the ark. Yet he went about doing what Adonai asked him to do. He didn't question Him, he just went about doing what Adonai had instructed him to do.
I'm sure the daughters families also thought he was a crazy man. It must have taken great faith to leave their families behind and go into the great Ark with all the animals. They would have worked side-by-side with Noah's wife preparing meals and doing other things while Noah and their husbands worked on the ark. They would have helped in many areas this was a family project for sure! The more I thought about these women I realized what they have given up, even though none of their families entered the ark with them I marveled at their faith. It had to take great faith to do what they were doing.
I thought of so many of my family members some who have already passed on and some who are still here. I know where they stand concerning the good news and what they feel about my faith. I pray and intercede for them many times and love them dearly. Yet I cannot make the choice to follow the way of truth and light as I know it for them and it makes me sad. Each one of us has free will Adonai does not want robots He wants people who will love Him despite what the world teaches or does. This is what these three women chose to do.
sThey could have said if my parents aren't coming that I'm not going either. Or they simply could have said I'll wait and see I don't want to leave my family behind. Sometimes we have to make tough choices and stand our ground. Not in a spiteful manner but in a loving manner so as to be a light. We are called to be light to the nations. We do that by not celebrating pagan holidays rather celebrating the feasts of our LORD. We walk set apart from the rest of the world by following the Commandments of our Elohim. We allow our Good Shepherd to guide us and we allow the Ruach to show us what to remove out of our lives and homes that may be offensive to Him!
sDaily we need to come to our Heavenly Father and surrender our hearts and our wills so that He can continue to bring us into His truth. The more time we spend in His Word and in worship, in prayer, thanksgiving and praise the more and more we will fall in love with Him. The one who loves us so greatly we cannot fathom it. It is a choice allowing Him to change us from glory to glory 2nd Corinthians 3:18 so that His glory and His light may shine forth to our family friends, acquaintances, even people we meet in the marketplace on the street at work where ever we go we are His ambassadors! We walk it out in love, we do not put on guilt trips or warn upcoming doom.
sPeople respond to love that's why they were so attracted to Yeshua! He showed compassion and love to those who needed it the most. He stood up and didn't back down to the money changers and the Pharisees and the Sadducees of His day. Yet to the everyday people His message was always repent, it still is today. I think Noah must have been a great man of love very similar to Yeshua so that his sons did not get caught up in that evil and wicked world rather they took wives and those wives went into the ark leaving their families behind. They were looking to the future they did not know what it held that they knew Noah was a man that had a relationship with the one true living Creator of the universe that's why they were willing to risk it all and go into the ark and leave everything else behind.
We too have the same opportunity to spend that wonderful quality time with the very Creator of the universe developing that one-on-one relationship so that His light will shine forth in our lives. This way people will want what we have as they see us not concerned about the things of this world, worrying and fretting, rather trusting and having the peace that they don't yet understand. Then we can point them to the only one who can give them that peace, the God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and Messiah Yeshua!

B'Shem Yeshua Hamashiach
In His Love,

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Jesus for Theresa and her posts!!

Sometimes I feel like a minority within a minority within a minority, when our family tries to explain to others why we do not celebrate the pagan celebrations anymore, but are trying to honor the same ones that Jesus Himself kept. (On passover night, it can almost feel like we've created our own little 'ark' within our home...) It has been amazing for us to see the spiritual relief and freedom that comes when we rid our home of those things that are offensive to Him.

(For one of our family's testimonies on this, you might want to read )

Keep posting,

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