Faithful To Me

VISION: A Revelation Without Action Fades
Read: Ezekiel 12:1-28

God told Ezekiel to pack up his belongings and symbolically at out the exile awaiting the Jews, once again using creative means to communicate vision.

In Ezekiel 12:21-28 God speaks of the powerlessness of visions unless someone puts feet to them. Visions lose their strength without action to support them. Good leaders always share both the vision and the steps of its implementation.

Yet the first step always must be to catch the God-given vision. consider one process to go through as you attempt to catch God's vision for the people.

1. Look within you: What do you feel?

2. Look behind you: What have you learned?

3. Look around you: What is happening to others?

4. Look ahead of you: What is the big picture?

5. Look above you: What does God expect of you?

6. Look beside you: What resources are available to you?

The Maxwell Leadership Bible, Notes and Articles by John C. Maxwell, New King James Version, Thomas Nelson Bibles, ISBN 0-7180-0660-7

Faithful To Me (Reprise)- Jennifer Knapp
Music Video by Beanscot: You can search the ends of the earth, but the only thing that can fill that God-shaped hole in your heart is Jesus.

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