The Wonder Of Your Cross

"Jesus, my STRENGTH, my HOPE,
One Thee I CAST my care,
With HUMBLE confidence LOOK up,
And KNOW Thou hear'st my prayer.
Give on Thee to WAIT,
Till I can all things do,
On Thee, almighty to create,
Almighty to RENEW."

- Charles Wesley


"To pray effectively we must want what God wants--that and that only is to pray in the will of God." Aiden Wilson (A.W.) Tozer

"Prayer allows us a direct relationship with the one person who can save us from the evil that invades our hearts." James Houston


The Wonder of Your Cross - Robin Mark
Music Video by coolram52: I put together this video of Robin Mark's song "The Wonder Of Your Cross". Very powerful song. Robin Mark is a popular worship leader in Northern Ireland, probably best known for his song "Days Of Elijah." This song is pretty representative of his style, so if you like this one you should check out his other music

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Still Learning said...

Just wanted to say hello. I just read a bunch of your posts which are always good thought provokers. Thanks for that. I wanted to say thank you also for your email you sent me. I really appreciated it. I'm working on it....

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