Forgiveness, why not?

"God judges a man, not by the point he has reached,
but by the way he is facing; not by the distance, but by direction."
James Stewart
South Carolina Gov. Admits Being 'Unfaithful' to His Wife, After Argentina Trip
South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, who just returned from Argentina, said he had developed a "relationship with what started out as a dear, dear friend" from that country.
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Forgiveness, Why Not?

My scripture reading today was on the subject or forgiveness! So I have to ask, isn't the Holy Spirit right? Aren't we suppose to forgive those who seek our forgiveness? And if you had the opportunity to listen to the Governor's press conference; the one thing that he said over and over again was he was just how very sorry he was that he has disappointed so many people in his life, starting with his wife, his kids, his in-laws, his friends and lastly to the people of the great state of South Carolina.

No where is it written in the Constitutions that politicans or Christians for that matter have to be PERFECT people? At least the Governor in his press conference was straight forward. Frankly the only people who need to forgiven him are his wife, kids, family and friends, his staff and the citizens of South Carolina. As for me well I'm at least going to give the Governor high marks for coming clean and facing the press head on with the truth! He's not dragging this mess out, unlike some politicans that I could name that drags these unseemly things on for weeks, months and yes, even years on end while serving in public office. And I could name some Christian preachers as well.

And if the Republican party in South Carolina - does make the big mistake to throw this Governor under the bus - well, I can't stop them! This matter really doesn't change my opinion of the man! I still like the guy even though I don't condone his marital unfaithfulness. And if I lived in South Carolina, I would vote for him again. Because he is one of the few still small voices that's actually willing to stand up and fight to uphold the Constitution of the United States unlike some members of Congress who have managed to sell us out.


"What he did was wrong, plain & simple, but there have been far worse politicians & at least he came clean, unlike some, like Edwards who needed to be "outed" before he'd admit to cheating on his dying wife or Clinton who had to perjure himself before he'd admit to having "sexual relations" while in the Oval Office. "

"Forgive the guy and move forward...he that is without sin cast the first stone..."

"The vultures circle. Weeheee, we got one! No, no bias in media or dishonesty by the dems posting here. Consider that the governor's sin makes the news because it's unusual. It doesn't make the news when a dem politico does it because it isn't unusual. Besides, the "everybody else does it" is no excuse, even for a democrat, who claims to have no moral standards. Such a claim of no morals is no excuse, either. "

"If he was just a Democrat the media would forgive him immediately. As a Republican he did the right thing and resigned his GOP post. It will be interesting to see the drive by media hipocrites go on and on about a simple affair. Remember Clinton, the rapist? The media love him and forgave everything. "

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Still Learning said...

Wow. Well, I've never seen anyone own up to it that way. I was watching the story unfold yesterday when they discovered he was in Argentina and I knew then he was with his mistress. My dad said, no, all the politicians go to South America to hide their bribe money. I was hoping we were wrong. Oh my heart aches for his wife. My first husband cheated and I never could look at him again. There are way too many opportunities to stop and to be such a person of faith and not stop. Well, I just couldn't get past it. It is such a deep wound. I'll be praying for her and the boys.

I must say how impressed I was that he owned up quickly instead of dragging it out and wrangling up more lies. That is nice to see for a change. Watching him I'd be willing to bet he is probably a really good govenor.

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