A Hug and a Kiss

A Hug and a Kiss
Martha Meister Kiely

"Let each one of you love his wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband." Eph. 5:33

Maybe I don't get the kind of bonus check that is printed on paper and can be traded for "things"; nevertheless I belong to one of the highest paid profession in the world. I am a housewife. My billfold contains little more than a drivers license, but my life in brimful of fun, laughter, completeness, and contentment, none of which can be purchased at a department store.

I love my job! I also love my boss, and in my profession this is legal, moral, and desirable. I should love him! He provides for me the same standard of living he enjoys. That must mean that he loves me as himself. If I am ill or overly tired, he assumes my work in addition to his own. I have no wage contract, but "each for the other and both for God" has provided a satisfactory working agreement so far.

If I should ever consider my lot common or trivial, would be blaspheming God, who planned that we should live together in families and provides for the needs of one another.

Today tell your husband how grateful you are that God has welded your lives together.


PRAY: Father God, surely thou dost plan all things well. For the gift to an earthly companion to encourage and accompany me on life's pilgrimage, I give thee thanks, O God. For the gift of children who fill our lives with their laughter and who challenge us to grow more like them, I give thee thanks, O God. For the gift of love that binds us all together and to thee, I give thee thanks. Amen.

Devotions for Women at Home, by Martha Meister Kiely, page 49, Abingdon Press ISBN # 0-687-10679-6 http://www.cooksillustrated.com/howto/detail.asp?docid=1173&Extcode=L9FN1BA00

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