Conforming to God's Truth

Conforming to God's Truth

Dr. Charles Stanley

James 1:23-25

The Lord conforms us to the truth by continually confronting us with the truth. And when He does, we have two options: either we can accept it, or we can ignore it.

When we accept truth, we can fully expect our Father's richest blessings. When we do not, then we have no reason to expect any blessings at all, because we have simply denied the Word of God. This is not an attitude that the Lord will bless, and it is certainly not the way we become more Christlike.

Do you accept truth or ignore it? Think about the way you exit church on Sunday mornings. Do you walk away with the sermon heavy on your mind, trying to commit the main points to memory, and reciting the key Scripture passages? Or do you simply walk away and let the whole message slide right out of your head?

Even committed churchgoers lose more truth between the sanctuary door and the Sunday lunch table than they realize! The true meat of the message doesn't even start to make an impact until you give it time to settle in your mind. If you stop thinking about the sermon as soon as you hit the parking lot after the service, then you are not allowing God's truth to work its way into your life.

Don't be a passive listener during the sermon. This week, master your attention in worship--in so doing, you will allow God's Word to penetrate your life. And take notes so the message will sink in. Talk about it over lunch. Don't lose one more sermon in the church parking lot!

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1 comment:

Heart2Heart said...


I agree with you. I found I would grow frustrated with my attempt to remember some valuable insight I learned in church through our pastor and then upon leaving, couldn't remember it in its entirety.

Note taking is amazing, because I can incorporate my thoughts into the notes as well.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

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