Teflon versus Stainless Steel

Teflon versus Stainless Steel
Lynn Anderson

READ 2 Chronicles 27:1--28:27

SITUATION Although King Jotham obeyed God, his subjects did not. It seems he never encouraged them to walk in God's way.

OBSERVATION God places people around us who can benefit from our influence.

INSPIRATION Christianity roared across the civilized world because of integrity, not image. The best growth rates were the years without legal recognition or social clout. Why? Because God blessed authentic faith! Then after the Edict of Constantine, when the Church received legal status and began to jockey for the support of political power, the Christian movement began to lose its steam.

We sometimes rely on "ministry of charisma." We want preachers that can "wow" the audience. Let Christ be represented by a real charmer, someone who can bring in the crowds and excite the masses. Now, there is nothing wrong in utilizing God-given gifts of communication. But there is something wrong, even idolatrous, in replacing God's Holy Spirit with the force of human personality, or scholarship, or reputation . . .

We sometimes operate as if we expect kingdom growth through political posturing. We want to headline Christians who can impress. Wouldn't it be great if the governor was part of our church? Wouldn't it be something if we could get a movie star to testify at our service? Or how about a converted porno publisher?

The truth is, all people need the gospel. And God doesn't need just the "influential" to carry his message if He has succeeded in communicating through donkeys and tornadoes. He can probably use ordinary Joe's and Julia's like us.

Some of us may occasionally be guilt of intimidation by information as we go out to blow away people with the Bible. We may fire off our barrage of biblical bullets from six feet above criticism, quoting our repertoire of verses and package answers ready-made for any situation. . .

The difference between the prophet in the Bible and the professional in the lime-light dangerously resembles the difference between authentic Christianity and insincerity . . .

Possibly prophets are needed more urgently than professionals -- prophets who deny themselves rather than professionals who exalt themselves; prophets who are weak rather than professional who are polished; prophets who may get stoned rather than professionals walking with Christ who hunger for God in prayer and who weep over sins. Prophets! Not more slick professionals with Teflon exteriors that slough off the messy painful side of life.

An authentic walk with Christ makes us hunger for God in prayer and weep over sins. God draws us toward the holiness of heaven. (From Heaven Came Down by Lynn Anderson)

APPLICATION You can encourage other believers today! You can help unbelievers find Christ! How? Look for the hurting. Look for the lost. Watch for needs. Opportunity's are plentiful. Accept the challenge of an opportunity and pray that God will help you be successful.

EXPLORATION Influence -- Genesis 6:9; Matthew 5:13; Romans 1:5 1 Peter 3:1-2.

The Devotional Bible - Experiencing the Heart of Jesus, Max Lucado General Editor, Thomas Nelson Publishers, NCV.

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Heart2Heart said...


Great post that points out the opportunities that may come our way today. May we all be willing to share our faith with those searching for the light in a dark and cold world.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

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