The Celestial Dump

"If I can stop one Heart
from breaking I shall
not live in vain
If I can ease one Life
the Aching
Or cool one Pain
or help one
fainting Robin
Unto his Nest again
I shall not live in Vain."
Emily Dickinson

The Celestial Dump
Martha Meister Kiely

"But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: less that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway." 1 Cor 9:27

Every home has its trash can and every community its rubbish dump. The human race has its skid row and flophouses. The universe collects its trash into galaxies. Is it not reasonable to assume that there is also a celestial dump for wasted, useless, and unreclaimable souls of men? Our Lord thought and taught that here was a rubbish heap for self-filled, stingy, proud, and God- ignoring souls who refuse to be redeemed and saved for service.

The purpose of this life, according to our Lord, would seem to be to offer each person an opportunity to develop a healthy and vigorous soul with which to enjoy God eternally. He endows us with a soul and with the ability to grow. He places us in a challenging environment which prods and stimulates growth. He surrounds us with nourishment for our spirits. He has set before us in Christ the perfect example of a mature soul. Through prayer he offers us means to seeking his counsel and help.

If, in this perfect setting for spiritual growth, we suffocate every good intention and starve every life-giving thought while we seek only bodily comfort and the riches of this world, then we are headed for the celestial dump heap.

Today nurture and groom your soul for an eternity of usefulness to God.

Read: 2 Thes.1:3-12

Pray: Father of all creation, I thank thee that thou has endowed me with the ability and means of spiritual growth. I yield myself to thy purpose, and with thy help will seek first the things upon which my growth depends.

Devotions for Women at Home by Martha Meister Keily page 124; Abingdon Press ISBN#0687-10679-6

Sing Until The Whole World Hears...

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