A Word From The Lord

A Word From The Lord
Dr. Michael Evans

Early this morning, I was up praying. God gave me a mighty word for you, my partner. It is Isaiah 43:18-19: “Do not remember the former things, Nor consider the things of old. BEHOLD I DO A NEW THING, NOW it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness And rivers in the desert.”

Please write the date on this promise I am giving to you. Put it on a small card and tape it to your mirror or refrigerator…somewhere you can see it every day. Say these verses every day in 2010. At the end of 2010, would you send me the testimonies of the amazing miracles that God has done for you because you stood on this promise?

One word from God can change your life forever. I know! The word the Lord has prompted me to give you today for the new year is the word he gave me on September 21, 1981. I was going through some battles, and in intercessory prayer, God gave me this scripture and told me to stand on it. I began praying it aloud in spite of my circumstances.

Suddenly, the Spirit of God came on me, and I felt strongly that the Lord wanted me to send a fax to the prime minister of Israel…who did not know me…asking him if he would meet with me. I flew by faith to Israel to pray, even before I received an answer.

The prime minister’s secretary contacted me at the hotel and told me Prime Minister Begin would meet with me the following day. I went to the meeting, and for thirty minutes I spoke not a word. I only knew that God had sent me, but He didn’t tell me why. The prime minister opened his heart and talked with me as if I were his pastor. He told me about two heart attacks and a grandchild who had attempted suicide.

At the end of thirty minutes, he asked, “Why did you come?” I was terribly embarrassed because I didn’t know why I was there. I repeated the question, and the prime minister asked, “Did you not hear me?”

I replied, “Yes, Mr. Prime Minister, I heard you; I don’t know.”

“What? You don’t know?” he asked.

“No, I don’t know why I’m here.”

“You fly 8,000 miles to meet with me, and you don’t know why. Do you know anything?” he asked as he laughed.

“I know God sent me.”

He turned to his secretary and asked, “Can you believe it? God sends him to meet with me and doesn’t tell him why. Kadisi, shake Mike Evans’s hand. You’ve finally met an honest man. He flies 8,000 miles to meet with the prime minister because God sent him, and he doesn’t know why.

“Mike Evans, will you do me a favor? When God tells you why, would you come back and tell me?”

I said that I would. The next morning I awoke and picked up the newspaper. It was the anniversary of Yoni Netanyahu’s death. He was the leader of the Entebbe raid in Uganda ; he was the only fatality among the Israeli Defense Forces. As I read the account, the Spirit of the Lord prompted me to go to the Netanyahu home to comfort the family. When I knocked at the door, Benzion, Yoni’s father invited me inside.

I sat next to his very depressed and hurting son, Benjamin. I asked him if I could pray over him. He said I could. I prayed and wept over him. In my prayer, I said, “Jonathan loved David. You loved your brother, Jonathan. Out of the ashes of your despair will come strength from God, and you will be the prime minister of Israel, twice.”

When the prayer ended, I looked at him and he looked at me as though I were out of my mind. I politely dismissed myself, contacted Prime Minister Begin’s secretary and requested a meeting the following day. He agreed. I met with the prime minister and said, “I know why I’ve come.” And then, I told him the story of Benjamin Netanyahu and the word God had given me. He said, “Do you really believe it?” “Yes,” I said, “I really believe it. He’s going to be prime minister twice. Will you give him a job?”

That evening, the senior advisor to the prime minister, Reuben Hecht, offered Benjamin Netanyahu his first government post. Yes, he is now prime minister of Israel for the second time.

In that same meeting, I also told Mr. Begin, “I know the full reason why I’m here. God has told me to build a bridge.”

He laughed and replied, “The Brooklyn Bridge?”

I said, “No, Mr. Prime Minister, a bridge of love between Bible-believing Christians and Bible-believing Jews.”

He laughed, “Fabulous! Let’s build it together.”

Our partnership in the Jerusalem Prayer Team came about because of the promise I’m giving you today for 2010. Stand on it!

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Andrea said...

"Building together"...that is what we all should be doing.
Blessings, andrea

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