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houses IRS offices in Austin, Texas.
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This is the vision of Obadiah.

We have heard a message from the Lord.
A messenger has been sent
among the nations, saying,

"Attack! Let's go attack Edom!"
"Soon I will make you the smallest of nations.
You will be greatly hated by everyone.
Your pride has fooled you,
you who live in the hollow places of the cliff.
Your home is up high, you who say to yourself,
'No one can bring me down to the ground.'
Even if you fly high like the eagle
and make your nest among the stars,
I will bring you down from there," says the Lord.

"You will really be ruined!
If thieves came to you, if robbers came by night,
they would steal only enough for themselves.
If workers came and picked the grapes from your vines,
they would leave a few behind.
But you, Edom, will really lose everything!
People will find all your hidden treasures!
All the people who are your friends
will force you out of the land.
The people who are at peace with you
will trick you and defeat you.
Those who eat your bread with you now
are planning a trap for you,
and you will not notice it..." (1-7)

SITUATION A bloody feud between Edom and Israel continued from the days of Esau and Jacob (Genesis 25:19-34). Obadiah denounced Edom's cruelty and pride, and then prophesied that Israel would be restored as a nation with extended territory.

OBSERVATION God always protects and takes care of his children. With God on their side, His children are never underdogs.

INSPIRATION I have never met a Christian who had lost their assurance. Our security rests in the hands of an unconditionally loving heavenly Father. One who gave His best to insure our fellowship with Him forever. Our assurance rests in understanding and acceptance of these glorious truths.

For some people, the problem is erroneous teaching; for others, the problem is guilt. But whatever the reason, the result is the same, a lack of assurance. And when assurance goes, the basic building blocks of the relationship go also.

More is at stake than assurance. The very gospel itself comes under attack when the eternal security of the believer is questioned. Placing the responsibility for maintaining salvation on the believer is adding works to grace. Salvation would no longer be a gift. It would become trade--our faithfulness for His faithfulness.

This is a far cry from the good news Jesus preached and Paul heralded. Their gospel was salvation by faith--and only by faith.

The salvation spoken of by Jesus and Paul takes place at the moment in time yet seals the believer for all time. This faith moves the Judge not only to forgive and pardon the sinner, but to adopt him into His own family as well.

...Why the mercy? Why the kindness? The only answer is love--love of such magnitude that all human illustrations fall short, love that is unconditional at its core with no hidden agendas and no fine print. God's love is such that He accepts us just the way we are but refuses to leave us there...

God has gone to great lengths to make our relationship with Him possible. Doing so cost Him His Son. But the sacrifice of His Son did far more than merely provide us with the possibility of such a relationship: it guaranteed the permanency of that relationship as well.

Your salvation is secure. My prayer is that you would experience the assurance of this precious and costly gift. (From Eternal Security by Charles Stanley)

APPLICATION Have you ever felt that you were out of favor with God? Did you try to ask Jesus into your heart again, and again? Jesus comes the first time! He stays! Be confident that he will never leave you for you are his child.

EXPLORATION Security -- Psalm 17:8-9; 18:2-3; 27:1; Proverbs 18:10; 1 Peter 1:3-4.

The Devotional Bible - Experiencing the Heart of Jesus - Max Lucado General Editor, New Century Version, Thomas Nelson Publishers

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