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The Holy Spirit: Our Teacher
John 14:25-26

If you are going to take instruction from someone, you want to be certain that person is well qualified, right? It's interesting, then, that so many believers neglect the greatest Bible teacher available. We read religious books, consult friends, and tune into a favored preacher before we will get on our knees. While those sources can point us in the right direction, only the Holy Spirit illuminates God's Word to our hearts and minds.

Asking someone to explain God's Word seems easier than seeking to understand it through the Holy Spirit's power. But consider what a person misses by forsaking Him. Who better to instruct believers about the Scripture's depth and breadth than the One who wrote it (2 Peter 1:20-21)? The Spirit laid His message on the authors' hearts, and they dutifully recorded it, each in his own unique voice.

Furthermore, as a member of the holy Trinity, the Spirit knows the mind of God (1 Cor. 2:10). He is often called the Spirit of truth, because He understands everything. The Spirit recognizes our emotional and mental state and can identify exactly where we are in our Christian growth. Therefore, He can reveal to our minds passages that will encourage, challenge, or convict us as needed.

We have a teacher of divine quality. He will help us to learn and grow, guide us through difficult passages, and shed light on why the Lord allows certain challenges our life. When it comes to aiding God's people to know His Word, no one is more qualified than His Spirit.

The Holy Spirit's Lesson Plan
John 16:12-15

The ways of God are a mystery to man. Only when we have accepted salvation from Jesus Christ and received the Holy Spirit can we begin to understand. The Spirit uses three methods to open our minds and fill our hearts with godly wisdom.

Revelation. This term refers to truth given by the Lord that cannot be obtained in any other way. The Scriptures are the most obvious example. Anyone can read God's Word and even understand some portions, but only a Spirit-filled believer can begin to grasp the layers of meaning within the Bible.

Illumination. We use this word to describe the amazing moment when the Holy Spirit lights up our minds so that we understand God's Word. If the Bible were any other book, we would be able to read it a few times and know it thoroughly. But the Lord reveals ever-deeper truths about Himself as we mature in our faith (Eph. 1:18).

Remembrance. The Holy Spirit reminds us of godly principles or biblical passages when we need them. He helped the gospel writers recall events and Jesus' words many years after the fact. And he does the same for us when we could use encouragement, inspiration, or comfort.

The Holy Spirit illuminates believers' minds so that they can recognize and comprehend God's revelation. When we memorize Scripture and store up biblical insights, the Holy Spirit can dip into the "reservoir" to bring needed wisdom to our memories.

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Heart2Heart said...


I think it's critical that any believer should pray before picking up their Bible to read. You just never know the passages God will reveal to you and minister to your heart with their meaning for you in your life. .

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

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