The Hero is God!

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The Hero Is God!
The Book of DANIEL:

If you are a Jew in Babylon, you've got reason to be depressed. Jeremiah was right all along. All those times you though he was one taco short of a platter, he was telling the truth!

Jerusalem is in ashes. The Temple is in ruins. And you and rest of your people are in captivity.

Your captors mock you, "Sing us a song about Jerusalem!" (psalm 137:3). But you don't sing. You hang your harps on the poplar trees and sing on the banks of the river, watching the water and your days pass by.

Who can sing songs about the Lord in a foreign country?

Daniel can.

Though he was only a teenager when taken captive, he remembers well the songs of his youth. Somewhere in his early years he came to believe that God was sovereign. Nothing happens without his permission. Nothing happens outside his plan.

But even Daniel could not have imagined the plans God had for him. Prime minister of the court. Interpreter of dreams. Prophet. Teacher. Ruler. A lifelong voice for God among pagan people.

But though the central character of the book is Daniel, the hero is God. "There is a God in heaven . . ." Daniel told the king (2:28), and it was that God in heaven who sustained Daniel and the people while in captivity.

That God, by the way, still reigns.

And anytime God's people have hung up their harps, listen carefully. God always has a Daniel who remembers to sing.

About this BOOK

Author Daniel

Date Written . 530 B.C.

Key Themes

* God leads in our lives even in difficult circumstances.

* Sometimes faithfulness is rewarded by miracles.

* God will be faithful to his people in the future as he has in the past.

Key Verse:

"Daniel's God is the living God; he lives forever. His kingdom will never be destroyed, and his rule will never end" (Daniel 6:26)


I. Daniel's Life Story 1:1-6:28

II. Daniel's Prophecy 7:1-12:13

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