Settling Disputes

Settling Disputes
TGIF Today God Is First Volume 1, by Os Hillman

"Casting the lot settles disputes and keeps strong opponents apart." Proverbs 18:18

We prayed about it. We discussed it. My friend had one desire; I had a different one.

"Okay, let's settle the issue the way the early Church settled matters when an agreement could not be achieved. Let's flip a coin."

"You must be joking!" my friend lamented.

"No, the early Church cast lots often to determine a course of direction or even select the disciple who would take Judas' place."

"Okay," my friend agreed.

We flipped the coin and the matter was quickly settled.

In the Old Testament there are many examples of casting lots for determining a decision. We hear little of this method today. Most of us do not want to release the decision process to this seemingly "flippant" process; yet the Lord says, "The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from the Lord" (Prov. 16:33).

Flipping a coin is the equivalent to casting a lot. It removes our own opinions and leaves the final outcome to the Lord. Pray before you take such an action. It will surprise you who is willing to submit a decision to the Lord and who isn't. It removes the element of control from both parties.

I believe the Lord would first have us make decisions through agreement and continued prayer for the decision. However, there are times when this approach can be the quickest and simplest. It removes each person's temptation to lord it over the other. Cast the lot and settle the dispute.

Today God Is First (TGIF) devotional message, Copyright by Os Hillman, Marketplace Leaders

Today's Prayer
Heavenly Father, Thank you for this new summer day. Thank you for the beautiful sunshine, fluffy clouds, and fresh rains. I am in awe of Your works. The thunderstorms that send lightning and thunder crashing, the wind that comes to dry up the heavy rain, the bumblebee that flies in spite of being too big and heavy for those little wings, the lightning bugs that flicker at night and send children chasing through the yard, the crickets that chirp, and the frogs and birds that sing, the oceans that roar and the mountains so tall, the ant that is so busy and the handicapped who smile and don't even recognize their inabilities. God, you are awesome and you are good. Thank you for happy memories and even the sad ones, for they have helped shape me and increase my trust and dependence on you. With love and faith, in Jesus' name, Amen.

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