Holy Saturday: A Dark Sabbath

Holy Saturday

A Dark Sabbath
Dr. Charles Stanley

John 19:31-42

Just as Christ once rested in the stern of a boat through a raging storm, He rested in the tomb as storms raged within His disciples. A day after Jesus’ death, fear, doubt, and grief must have cycled endlessly through their minds. Memories of their lives with Him must have played there too: how it felt to stand upon a rolling sea, to feed thousands with a few loaves of bread, or to see Lazarus’ burial clothes heaped in the dirt. No doubt their hearts grew sick with confusion as they contemplated these things.

The disciples’ feeble faith shouldn’t surprise us, because if we’re honest, we see it in ourselves. The “little of faith,” as Jesus often called them, failed to believe or remember things the Lord said of Himself—that He’d lay down His life and take it up again. Had His followers faithfully held these things in their hearts, that Sabbath day might have been a time of joyful anticipation.

At times in our lives, God may seem absent, but ultimately we know that He will never leave us (Heb. 13:5). And unlike the disciples, we’ll never experience the dark prospect of a failed Savior. But many times we forget the promises of God. In the face of uncertainty, how frequently do we turn to a “do-it-yourself” Christianity to fix our problems?

Too often we look no further than our own solutions, when what we need is the wonder-working power of Christ’s resurrection and a posture of humility as we wait on Him. If we are willing to wait through the darkness of night, we can rest in knowing that morning will surely come.

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 by Rita Springer

All I need to do is worship
All I need to do is say His name out loud
All I need to do is lift my hands, surrender
And bow down
All I need to do is find Him
All I need to do is let His presence fall
All I need to do is worship
Worship the Lord

When there's no way out
Except through a miracle
When there's no way up a mountain
Except to climb it
When everything you hope for
Seems gone
And every dream you've dreamed
Is so far away, that's when I say….

A beautiful song of adoration and praise to God. Surrendering everything at His feet. Letting of our tears and heartache disappear in His presence as His love surrounds us. This song has encouraged me in a lot of my personal trails as reminder to keep worshiping God and there I will find my strength renewed. --KoolChristianGirl

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KrippledWarrior said...

Thank you, Charlotte. A very uplifting melody and wonderful sentiment.

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