The KING of Glory

Melek Kabod - The KING of Glory
– 19 Iyar 5771 (May 24, 2011)
Tehillim 24: 7-10 (Psalms)

by David Weiss

“7 Lift up your heads, you gates!
Lift them up, everlasting doors,
so that the glorious king can enter!
8 Who is he, this glorious king?
ADONAI, strong and mighty,
ADONAI, mighty in battle.
9 Lift up your heads, you gates!
Lift them up, everlasting doors,
so that the glorious king can enter!
10 Who is he, this glorious king?
ADONAI-Tzva'ot he is the glorious king. (Selah)”

Who is he, this glorious king? ADONAI- Tzva’ot, he is the glorious king. Kabod – glory, abundance, riches, honour, splendour, dignity, reverance, reputation. These are all words in the Hebrew dictionary used to attempt to describe the Glorious King. We try and try to describe him, but words fail us. We try to speak of his attributes and his acts and his power and his might, but what words can truly describe him? What can we say about the Great King over all the earth that will accurately describe him?

Have you been watching the news the past 2 months? Have you heard about the incredibly powerful acts of “nature” that have fallen on the world? A tsunami and earthquake that destroyed a section of Japan; a series of devastating tornadoes that destroyed much of the US State of Alabama; chaos in several Arab countries all around Israel; a massive tornado that destroyed 1/3 of a city in the middle of the US yesterday and parts of a major northern US city as well. What kind of Glorious things are these? What kinds of events do they portend?

Listen to how Yochanan describes what he sees and hears of the throne room in Revelation: The one who sits on the throne is described in all his glory and splendour – “gleamed like diamonds and rubies, and a rainbow shining like emerald encircled the throne.” 24 elders with gold crowns surround the throne – they wear crowns of gold, which we cannot even imagine and he does not even need a crown because of his Glory. It goes on in chapter four to describe the rest of the scene in the throne room and ends by saying he is worthy of everything because he is our Creator.

Even saying these things is barely scratching the surface. Sometimes, in certain circumstances – like a greatly led worship time or a quiet time of deep prayer or the presence of certain people – you can feel a small amount of his glory. You can feel the heat of his power or the transcendence of His Ruach HaKodesh or the weight of his glory – and sometimes it is unbearable to even think about it. Our creator, our heavenly Daddy, loves us so much that he sent our brother to die for us and he allows us to experience his very presence. And then there is this Tehillim – this Psalm. It speaks the future, but unlike the Star Wars saga, it may not be far away.

If you read Tehillim Psalm 22, Psalm 23Psalm 24 and Psalm 25, you can see them as a discussion or embodiment of the 4 streams of healing. Without a lot of detail right now, 22 is discipleship, 23 is counseling, 24 is Spiritual Warfare and 25 is Deep Restoration. And today's is 24 - Spiritual Warfare.  As we have discussed before, SW is not just about the idea of fighting the enemy or his schemes. It is especially about giving Glory to G-d. That is what this Tehillim says – one day the King of Glory – Melek Kabod – is going to enter into the fray and into our existence in a real way and he is going to walk in the door and be known by all there as THE Melek Kabod – THE King of Glory, because he is the Glorious King.

I do not pretend to know what all the destructions and conflict is about in our world today. I am not saying I have any special knowledge of it or that it means something specific. But, what if? What if Dad is using all of these things to crank up the heat? What if he is using them to draw attention to him and his truth? What if this is the beginning of him giving people one last chance to turn to him before he unleashes massive judgment and destruction. What would you do differently if the Melek Kabod was about the enter into your existence? Would you live your life differently? Is there anything you would change while you still could?



APPLICATION   Find your bearing today by following the Good Shepherd. Trust Jesus today to lead you to an eternal home. If there is sin in your past that you keep remembering, regretting and confessing to God?  Decide today to do with that sin what God does with all sin that he forgives-forget it!


EXPLORATION   Shepherd-- Genesis 48:15; Psalm 78:71-72; Mark 6:34; John 10:26-29. Forgiveness--Psalm 103:12; Isaiah 43:25; Micah 7:18-19; Hebrews 8:13; 1 John 1:19.


 Nehemiahs Prayer - Chapter 1

"Lord, listen carefully to the pray of your servant and the prayers
of your servants who love to honor you.  Give me your servant, success today..."

When Nehemiah heard bad news, he prayed.  He asked the Lord for success and kindness.  When God says to pray, he really means it.  To pray is the most commonly mentioned command in Scripture.  It is mentioned more than "love your neighbor," more than "go to church," and more than evangelize."  More than anything else God calls us to pray.

We should be people of great prayer.  We should be prayer warriors.  We should be people who use the ministry of prayer to its fullest capacity.  The highest and greatest calling of Christians is the ministy of prayer.

I would like to encourage you, admonish you to make a decision to pray more and to set up some specific plans to support that decision.  Will you determine in your heart to pray more?  Will you start a prayer group in your home?  Pray continually--live in a spirit of prayer.

Personal Comment:

I don't know if you noticed but today's devotional by David Weiss is very similar to what I posted yesterday afternoon.  I don't usual post things twice in one day but I was inspired by the sign of the double rainbow.   Let us lift up our heads and pray! 


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