Seeking Wisdom

Job Recognizes His Source of Wisdom and Seeks It

Despite his confusion and pain. Job makes it clear that he LOOKS to God alone for wisdom. He understands that he cannot lead himself, much less his family, without God as his never-ending source of perspective and understanding. Job has heard from his friends and knows their theories ring hollow. The best they can muster is the wisdom of men; Job will not be satisfy until he has the wisdom of God.

The third chapter of James distinguishes between these two radically different sources of wisdom:

Wisdom from Below
1. Works temporarily in a few situations
2. Seems logical for the moment
3. Limited in scope
4. Competitive: It is win/lose

Wisdom from Above
1. Is universal and timeless, yet eternally relevant
2. Often seems illogical or even backwards
3. Always big picture and unlimited in scope
4. Complementary: It is win/win

Michael W. Smith

The Maxwell Leadership Bible
by John C. Maxwell
Thomas Nelson Publishers,
NKJV, ISBN # 0-7180-0660-7

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