The Source of Lasting Satisfaction

What Do You Value?
Bayless Conley

Psalm 119:72 says,

The law of Your mouth is better to me than thousands of coins of gold and silver.

We understand "the law of Your mouth" to be God's Word. And what the psalmist is saying is, "Lord, Your word is better to me than a pile of silver or a pile of gold."

Let's say you are offered a position at a particular company—offered a great job, great increase of pay, and maybe the housing in that area is less. It is your dream job! But you investigate things, and you find out there is not a good spirit-filled Bible teaching church in that town where the job is. But you can make a lot more money! Do you go? It depends on how much you value God's Word.

One gentleman who was very involved in my church came to me one day and announced that he was moving. I asked him, "Did you find a church there?" He replied, "No, no. There's not a good church in the town at all. But I'm going to be making a lot more money. We can get a bigger house. It's going to be great."

A year later his teenage daughter was pregnant, his boy was in juvenile hall, he and his wife were getting a divorce, and he was back on drugs. But, hey! He was making a lot more money.

In our society, it is so easy to make decisions based solely on money. And sadly, it is the ruin of many a family and relationship. Value first God's Word. Value it more than anything our world can give you.

If you do, you will never be disappointed.

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True Satisfaction Is Found in the Lord
Pastor Adrian Rogers

“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” Psalm 23:1

The Scottish-born naturalist and founder of the Sierra Club, John Muir, once had a conversation with railroad magnate and industrialist E. H. Harriman.
“I’m richer than you are,” declared Muir to the railroad baron.

“And how is that true?” responded Harriman.

“Because you don’t have all you want — and I do. Therefore I am richer than you,” answered Muir.

Well, perhaps these two men were playing word games with one another. We don’t know if either man was truly satisfied with his life, but there's one thing of which I’m certain. Our search for satisfaction will not be found at the end of the rainbow in a pot of gold. It can only be found in Jesus.

What satisfies you today? Is it the things you own? Your relationships? Your job? Ask the Lord to fill you with the source of lasting satisfaction—Himself!

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