The Apostles Paul View of the Second Coming

One of my favorite Bible Prophecy Teachers 

Grant Jeffrey dies at 63 

 He died of a massive cardiac arrest. He was in ICU all this time and it seemed that he stabilized. Saturday, May 12, 2012 9:32 AM CST - It is with much sadness that I am reporting from Kaye Jeffrey. She said "Grant left this world of sin and sickness at 11:09 PM last night. What a powerful peace in his room. We stayed right there with him." Kaye would like to thank everyone who has prayed so dilligently and faithfully for Grant for this past seven days. He is now home with his savior, Jesus Christ. Please share. Kaye is praising Jesus Christ now for the mercies and grace He provides.

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Bible Prophecy Revealed: Apostles Paul View of the Second Coming

Grant explores the fascinating prophecies that provide overwhelming evidence that the Bible demonstrates supernatural knowledge of the future. These prophecies powerfully point to the soon return of Jesus the Messiah in our generation and the cataclysmic conflict between radical Islam and the West. 

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