Crown Him With Many Crowns

Our Eternal Rewards
Dr. Charles Stanley

Throughout Scripture, we find references to "crowns." Let's take a look at these eternal rewards for a victorious Christian life and a strong relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Crown of Victory. To finish life well, believers need Olympic endurance. Athletes in those ancient games received a perishable circlet of laurel leaves. But when we are effective in our God-given ministry and triumph over sin, we'll be given an imperishable crown (1 Cor. 9:25-27).

The Crown of Exultation. The believers that we had a hand in bringing to Christ will be "our glory and joy" before the Lord (1 Thess. 2:18-20). Just imagine how you will rejoice in heaven upon seeing and talking with the people who recognize your contribution to their spiritual development.

The Crown of Righteousness. The Christian life is not easy, but there is great reward for living righteously when facing temptation or hardship. Believers who pursue godliness are always thinking about the life to come and striving to meet God with a pure conscience (2 Tim. 4:5-8).

The Crown of Life. Heartache and pain are unavoidable in this life, but we can take heart because much spiritual growth happens in adversity. Hang in there to receive the crown of life that the Lord promised to those who love Him (James 1:12).

In heaven, what will we do with the crowns we have earned? We will cast them before Jesus' feet (Rev. 4:10), laying them down as a tribute to the One who saved us, gifted us, equipped us, and lived in us. Everything good and right came to us through the Lord, so He deserves our crowns.

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Crown Him with many crowns

Crown Him with many crowns, 
the Lamb upon his throne.
Hark! How the heavenly anthem drowns 
all music but its own.
Awake, my soul, and sing of Him 
Who died for thee,
and hail Him as thy matchless King 
through all eternity.

Crown Him the Lord of life, 
Who triumphed over the grave,
and rose victorious in the strife 
for those He came to save.
His glories now we sing, 
Who died, and rose on high,
Who died eternal life to bring, 
and lives that death may die.

Crown Him the Lord of love, 
behold His hands and side,
those wounds, yet visible above, 
in beauty glorified.
No angel in the sky 
can fully bear that sight,
but downward bends His burning eye 
at mysteries so bright.

Crown Him the Lord of years, 
the Potentate of time,
Creator of the rolling spheres, 
ineffably sublime.
all hail, Redeemer, hail! 
For Thou has died for me;
Thy praise and glory shall not fail 
throughout eternity.


Shane Wiebe, Jason Catron, & David Wise

CD: "Sing! Presents Tenore"

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