Why Are You A Follower of Christ?

Why are You a Follower of Christ?
FREDERICKSBURG, Va., Jan. 21 /Christian Newswire/ -- Front Yard Press publishing company is seeking salvation testimonies to compile in a book - "Testimonies - Stories of Salvation." Via email or regular mail, Christians across the United States have the opportunity to share their testimonies regardless of when, where or how they came to be followers of Christ.
Jennifer Petitt, editor of Front Yard Press states, "There are people around us who have no clue why we choose to be Christians. They don't know what an experience with God is like. Our salvation stories are part of who we are and sharing them is a way to better understand us and our faith. I've also found in conversations with other Christians about this project that, in many cases, there are people close to us - friends and family - who have never heard our stories. There's a lot we can learn about God and each other by sharing our testimonies."
The invitation to submit salvation stories is open through August 31, 2008. Details about the "Testimonies" project are available at the publishing company's website.

Front Yard Press is a small publishing company in Fredericksburg, VA that features Christian and children's books

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