Being Friends With God

"Abraham had faith in God,
and God was pleased with him.
That's how Abraham became God's friend."
James 2:23
Being Friends With God
Minister Tracey L. Green

In some biblical translations, the phrase, the secret of the Lord, is translated to mean the friendship of the Lord. And, friendship denotes communion, intimacy, and relationship. Communion is derived from where we get the word, communicate. Communication is key in order to build and establish any type of relationship.

As saints of God, we must talk and relate to the One we call Father. I am not talking about a monologue or soliloquy – a one person verbal discourse. But, I am talking about dialogue where two parties are actively engaging one another with interactive conversation. If we were involved in an conversational exchange where the other party was speaking to us and we could not get a word in edgewise, we will find the experience frustrating and rightly so. Can we imagine how God feels when we rush in before Him with our one of “grocery list” of requests and He is trying to speak to us? We spew out our rapid-fire list of petitions and rush out to do the next thing on our agenda.

Yet, He is calling for those “friends” who will give Him place in their lives and hearts to come in and sup with Him. It’s called intimacy. Intimacy (INTO-ME-SEE) is an private moment of exchange between two parties. Intimacy denotes nakedness; a moment of transparency as one looks into the heart of another and is entrusted with what is revealed.

God has mysteries and secrets that He desires to reveal to those who love Him and are willing to pursue Him for them. But, it involves close encounters of the God-kind! This level of intimacy and communication will enrich and enhance any type of relationship. Yes, relationship is the end-result. However, it may cost us everything!

Moses and Enoch were not and will not be the only ones to enjoy such fellowship and intimacy with the Lord. The Word says Moses had face-to-face encounters with God and Enoch enjoyed such fellowship with the Lord that he transcended time and space and was no longer on the earth. The Lord God of Glory is yet searching throughout the earth for those who will passionately pursue and ravish Him with their love-sick entreaties for His presence.


"The distinction of persons is true only for our knowledge of God, not for his inner Being, which we cannot know." Millar Burrows

"Nothing that is attempted in opposition to God can ever be successful." John Calvin

"The evidence of knowing God, is obeying God. Eric Alexander

"A little knowledge of God is worth a lot more than a great deal of knowledge about him." James Innell (J.I.) Packer

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