What Is God? He is the Savior!

If you have the Shepherd,
you have grace for every turn,
a candle for every corner, and an anchor for every storm.
Max Lucado (Traveling Light)
What Is God?
Creator of minds to receive his own fullness,
imparting to them life to be conscious of him,
prompting them to desire him,
enlarging them to receive him,
enkindling them with zeal,
aiding them to yield fruit,
directing them to equity,
fashioning them to benevolence,
tempering them for wisdom,
strengthening them for virtue
visiting them for consolation,
illuminating them for knowledge,
preserving them for immortality,
enriching them for felicity,
surrounding them with protection.
St. Bernard of Clairvaux
He is the Savior!
INSPIRATION: When you recognize God as Creator, you will admire him. When you recognize his his wisdom, you will learn from him. When you discover his strength , you will rely on him. But only when he saves you will you worship him.
It's a "before and after" scenario. Before your rescue, you could easily keep God at a distance. Comfortably dismissed. Neatly shelved. Sure he was important, but so was your career. Your status. Your salary. He was high on your priority list, but he shared the spot with others.
Then came the storm.... the rage... the fight... the ripped mooring... the star-less night. Despair feel like a fog, your bearing were gone. In your heart, you knew there was no exit.
Turn to your career for help? Only if you want to hide from the storm...not escape it. Lean on your status for strength? A storm isn't impressed with your title. Rely on your salary for rescue? Many try... genuinely ask... he will come.
And from that moment on, he is not just deity to admire, a teacher to observe, or a master to obey. He is the Savior. The Savior to be worshiped.... (From In the Eye of the Storm by Max Lucado)
APPLICATION: Name your current hardships and trails. What lessons can you learn from them? How could God uses these circumstances to draw you closer to him? Make the most of your trails. Let them be opportunities for increased spiritual growth and faith.
EXPLORATION: God is Our Strength and Salvation--Psalm 106:8; 121:1-2; Jeremiah 3:23; Malachi 4:2.
The Devotional Bible - Experiencing the Heart of Jesus; Max Lucado General Editor, New Century Version, Thomas Nelson Bibles

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