To The Ends Of The Earth

"I remember the days of old, I think about all your deeds, I mediate on the works of your hands." Psalm 143:5 (NRSV)

"It is easier to go six miles to hear a sermon, than to spend one quarter of an hour in mediating on it when I come home." Philip Henry

"The all-important aim in Christian meditation is to allow God's mysterious and silent presence within us to become more and more not only a reality, but the reality in our lives; to let it become that reality which gives meaning and shape and purpose to everything we do; to everything we are." John Main

"Devout mediation on the Word is more important to soul-health even than prayer. It is more needful for you to hear God's words than that God should hear yours, though the one will always lead to the other." Frederick Brotherton (E.B.) Meyer

To The Ends Of The Earth - Hillsong
Music video from Coley2007

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