Give Me a Faith

"Jesus replied, 'All those who love me
will do what I say. My Father will love them,
and we will come to them and live with them."
John 14:23 (NLT)
Give Me a Faith
Garnett Ann Schultz
Give me a faith that I might keep
However dark the day,
That I might know that all is well
Though weary be my way.
Give me a hope to fill my heart
To make each day worthwhile,
A way to ease a troubled mind
and teach me how to smile.
Give me an understanding soul
That knows a peace supreme,
A quietness at close of day,
A treasure worthwhile dream;
A guiding hand that I may lend.
That others too might see
And find the same in peaceful bliss
That life has given me.
Give me a tomorrow, full and bright,
A worthwhile task to do;
Fill my todays with endless chores
And make each gray sky blue.
Help to believe that all is well
Though troubles too may come,
Just let me know that not far off
My heart shall find the sun.
Give me a faith that never dies
That I might find my way,
Eagerly waiting tomorrow's dreams,
Forgetting each yesterday,
Life with its troubles, life with its cares ,
These I can take I know . . .
Give me a faith that shall last through all,
A faith that will live and grow.

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